Another Marvelous Club d'Elf Experience by Suze, posted May 26, 2014

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If you have been following this blog (which everyone should do!), you'll know how much I love Club d'Elf. And how often I go to their bi-weekly Friday night residency at Lizard Lounge.

Club d'Elf was founded 16+ years ago by Mike Rivard, and is a collaboration among extraordinarily talented musicians who vary from show to show.The lineup for this show could be my favorite, but I'm partial to shows when David Tronzo is in the house. He is an incredible slide guitarist as well as a friend, and I try not to pass up an opportunity to see him.

The other fabulous musicians this night were Paul Schultheis on keyboards, Dean Johnston on drums, Yaure Muniz on trumpet, and Mister Rourke on turntables, in addition to Tronzo on guitar and Mike on bass (and probably sintir in the second set).

I stayed for only the first set of this show, which was just shy of two hours long and consisted of what seemed to be one number! The style of music they perform is rooted in jazz, but has strong elements of trance, funk, and desert blues.

Tronzo uses anything as a slide into which he can get his finger!

One of the parts of the show that was fascinating and fabulous was the 'conversation' between Tronzo's guitar and Yaure's trumpet. I have no idea whether this is improvisational or written (it seemed improvisational to me) but it is an incredible experience.

When I hear Club d'Elf, I sometimes close my eyes and let the music transport me to another place.

If you're looking for music to sing along with, look elsewhere. But if you want to hear music that showcases how talented artists can be with their instruments, come see Club d'Elf.

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