Bass Player magazine Oct ’07
Now I Understand
Reviewed by Bryan Beller

 In Press

More than just a band, Club d’Elf is a rolling consortium of killer players (featuring John Medeski, Billy Martin, Dave Tronzo, Reeves Gabrels, and many more) organized and produced by acoustic/electric bassist Mike Rivard. Their tasty take on trip-hop jazz-rock-funk takes the John Scofield Uberjam and late Medeski Martin & Wood concepts to the next level of experimentation, with samples, unusual instruments, turntable scratching, curious noises and unique timbres scattered across the stereo spectrum, darting in and out of a late- night out-of-control party-jam-band atmosphere. The hat Rivard wears on this project is much more producer than bassist, but the tones and grooves he puts down in the middle of this long strange trip are greasy enough to keep the party going and then some (check out “Vishnu Dub” for a deep low-end carve). Smoke ’em if you got ’em. – Bryan Beller, Bass Player magazine

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