December 27, 2011 Electric Moroccoland/So Below review By David Luhrssen

 In Press

Producer Mike Rivard is the prime mover behind this expansive double CD and its round robin of players, billed as Club d’Elf. The music reaches the spacier heights of jazz and electronica from a sonic home base in Morocco, a place where the Near East merged with Africa and the indigenous Berbers a millennium ago. Much of Club d’Elf’s music can be called trance and dance, lively while inducing altered states of awareness. Drawing from a pool of musicians, including John Medeski and DJ Logic, Rivard brings sizzling rock guitars jam together with tribal rhythms and jazz keyboards. His outstanding interpretation of “Sunshine of Your Love” transposes the Cream classic onto traditional Moroccan instruments, translates the lyric into the local dialect and features Medeski on mellotron. Electric Moroccoland/So Below is psychedelia for the 21st century.

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