Illustrating a status pt. 1

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So, my friend is a very creative bass player in a band called Club D'elf. He wrote a really great FB status on FB about how he was playing his bass in the Arboretum and some kids happened upon it.

i was practicing in my spot at the arboretum when a mother and two children happened by. not every day you see an upright bass in a remote place in the woods and the kids were clearly intrigued. young ty (3 years) apparently heard it from far away and at first thought it was A MONSTER. that is about the best thing anyone has ever said about my playing. plus he knew what it was – a BASS and not a cello! i let him put his ear right up to the f-hole and he said he could “feel the vibrations!” my faith in the future of the world went up a few notches.

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