January 30, 2002

 In Press

“Club d’Elf, the interchanging exploratory avant-garde ensemble from Boston, is invading Pennsylvania for four shows this weekend, on tour with Elf collaborator Dr. Didg. Leader/bassist/Lt. Elf Mike Rivard recently spoke to me about the various ideas and directions that he is taking Club’ d’Elf, and I must say, the future is blindingly bright for this Berkelee bass maestro.

Recently the d’Elf displayed its varying new directions at a showcase at the Knitting Factory in New York. The seamless transitions from dub to drum ‘n’ bass, dissonant free jazz and progressive live house made for a delightful concoction. Unfortunately, the crowd was thin and the gig not properly promoted so only a select few of us got to witness the sickness. The NYC gig showcased the talents of drummer extraordinaire Adam Deitch, viola tweeker Mat Manari, guitarist Danny Broome, DJ Mister Roarke, and a host of other resident Elf soldiers.

Whether its DJ Logic, John Medeski, Billy Martin, Mat Manari or his legendary father Joe, Mister Rourke, or Kenwood Dennard, the swirling and ever evolving musical cult that is Club d’Elf is a well kept secret that is just dying to be let out. I am trying to do my part.

Check out their wide ranging album As Above, recorded over a long period of time during their Cambridge, Mass. Lizard Lounge residency. Tracks of the same name take wild new identities depending on the Elves contributing that particular night. That is the world of Club d’Elf, sounds from above, within and knowing no boundaries.

However, this weekend, this d’Elf incarnation is a new one, and certainly one to travel new landscapes of sound and energy that are yet to be realized by this particular d/Elf team. I am sure they have been reverberating in Rivard’s head for quite some time. If you are a fan of ’68-’73 Miles Davis, Fat Mama, Morphine, The Roots or Charles Mingus, there is room for you at Club d’Elf. Definitely worth some attention and positive vibes, lend your ears and spirits to Rivard and co. this weekend if you live in the great state of Pennsylvania.

Thursday, January 31, 2002
Philadephia, PA
North Star
215 684 0808
10:00-11:00 pm
** with Dr. Didg

Friday, February 1, 2002
State College, PA
The Brewery
814 237 2892
$8 advance/$10 day-of-show
** with Dr. Didg

Saturday, February 2, 2002
Plains, PA
Grico’s River Street Jazz Cafe
570 822 2992
10:00-11:00pm, $10
** with Dr. Didg

-Brian Lee Feld Getz

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