Jazz Hands A collective with a jazzy psychedelic strut

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CLUB D'ELF SOUNDS AS IF IT WAS CONCEIVED THE DAY THAT JAZZ got curious and took a psychedelic trip into the future. The local collective, led by bassist Mike Rivard, was born out of the Lizard Lounge more than a decade ago as a house band with a core rhythm section and a rotating cast of locals. Its sound, which changes often depending on who's playing, lingers on the doorstep of many sonic movements, showing a subtle interest in everything from Moroccan trance to hip hop's naked underbelly. Medeski Martin and Wood might sound like this after spending a few nights with Sun Ra. The result is an organic strut that respects jazz's table manners—a sparse landscape in which most conversations aren't planned, which doesn't matter because everyone playing speaks the language. The drums are constantly tip-toeing, leaving cosmic cracks for the other instruments to prey on. Rivard's forever-pouncing bass line always makes the most mischief. Wallace

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