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Perhapsody (Kufala Recordings)
Robbie Gennet

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The musical collective known as Club d’Elf came together when bassist/composer Mike Rivard started a biweekly musical night at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA. On “Perhapsody,” Rivard brings together a stellar cast of musicians including keyboardist John Medeski for some improvisational magic. Medeski cuts loose on an overdriven Wurly on “Life of the Mind” and B-3 on the percolating “Berber Song” amongst other keyboard highlights, giving this stellar collective a high-powered dose of funky keyboards. Drummer Erik Kerr keeps things solid underneath and a host of horns, guitars and turntables add flavor from across the musical spectrum. There are elements of jazz, trance, Moroccan grooves and soul/funk that make Club d’Elf a cool hybridization of styles. Whether you’re a casual fan or a music head, Club D’Elf is a cool journey to send your mind and booty on! This Club is open for business. – ROBBIE GENNET

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