NYC (CD Album)


(2003) Live 2-CD set that documents Club d’Elf’s first NYC show on 4/20/00 at the Knitting Factory, with microtonal master Joe Maneri joining the band along with son Mat, John Medeski & Brahim Fribgane, and inducing at least one audience member to go into trance! AllAboutJazz described it as “…colorful, frantic and dangerous as Manhattan rush hour traffic.”

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Joe Maneri (reeds, voice), Mat Maneri (electric violin), Brahim Fribgane (oud, percussion) John Medeski
(keyboards), Mike Rivard (basses), Erik Kerr (drums), w/Eric Hipp (tenor sax on As Above, Actual Smiles, & Chapel Perilous), Richard Zukowski (voice on Down in the Hole)

Disc 1
1  Route of the Root
2  Bass Beatbox
3  Fire in the Brain
4  Joe’s Blues
5  As Above
6  Second Beginning
7  Off to Baby
8  Now I Understand
9  Forget That
10 Trance Meeting
11 What About Now
12 Get a Little Turning
13 Down in the Hole

Disc 2
1   Jungle Adagio
2   Outside Voice
3   Left Hand of Clyde
4   d’Empty Land Pt 1
5   Invisible Landscape
6   d’Empty Land Pt 2
7   Actual Smiles
8   Say Yes to the Heavens Pt 1
9   Samba Morocco
10 Chapel Perilous
11 Say Yes to the Heavens Pt 2


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