So Below Deluxe Edition (MP3 Album)


(2018) The other half of the double album, Electric Moroccoland/So Below, now available singly in this Deluxe Edition with four new tracks, including studio versions of fan favorites “Dream Wanderer”, “The Tingler” and “Fire In The Brain”. Highlighting the funky electronica/DJ-driven beats side of the bands sound, it features 35 musicians (!) including John Medeski, DJ Logic, Reeves Gabrels, Dana Colley & the late Mark Sandman of Morphine (in some of his last recorded performances).


Mark Sandman (guitar, two-string bass and tritar #3, 12), Mike Rivard (electric & acoustic basses, sintir), Erik Kerr (drums), Mister Rourke (turntables), Brahim Fribgane (oud, dumbek, karakab), John Medeski (keyboards), Alain Mallet (keyboards), Amy Bellamy (keyboards), Paul Schultheis (keyboards), Duke Levine (guitar), Reeves Gabrels (guitar), Gerry Leonard (guitar), Randy Roos (guitar), Van Martin (guitar), Ian Kennedy (guitar), Mat Maneri (electric viola), Jere Faison (sampler, keyboard, percussion), Jerry Leake (tablas & percussion), Matt Kilmer (percussion), Yaure Muniz (trumpet), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Allan Chase (alto sax), Tom Hall (tenor sax), Joel Springer (tenor sax), DJ Logic (turntables), David Johnston (vocals and guitar #5, 10), Dana Colley (electric bari sax #5), Tommy Benedetti (drums #5, 10), Bertram Lehmann (lunga), Alhaji Dolsi-naa Abubakari Lunna (lunga), Dave Mattacks (drums, hand claps #12), J. Hilt (drums #8, 12), Eric Hipp (tenor sax), Tom Halter (trumpet), Scotty Hard (beat), Cailyn Kerr (voice #16)

1  Gettin’ Squinty 
2  Middle Pillar
3  So Below
4  Salvia 
5  I Wish I Was In Heaven Sitting Down 
6  Trance Meeting pt. 1 
7  Trance Meeting pt. 2 
8  As Above 
9  End of Firpo 
10 Pharaoh 
11 Propeller 
12 Taint Too 
Bonus Tracks:
13 Dream Wanderer 
14 The Tingler
15 Fire In The Brain 
16 In A Perfect World