Disc 1
01 Now Understand
02 Shadow’s Shift
03 Actual Smiles
04 Left Hand of Clyde
05 Meet the Monster Tonight
06 Claude Raines Revisited
07 Last Business (dub)
08 d’Empty Dance
09 So Below

Disc 2
01 Get A Little Turning
02 Intro/Bass Beatbox
03 In a Perfect World
04 Route of the Root
05 As Above
06 Beneath the Underground
07 Buzz
08 Taurobolium
09 Trance Meeting
10 Last Business
11 Divine Invasion

(2000) The debut album recorded live during 6 shows in 1999/2000 at the band’s home base of The Lizard Lounge. Old-school D’Elf… The perfect place to start, “…everything from John Zorn to Chemical Brothers to bebop to John Cage to King Sunny Ade sonically exists on As Above, which blasphemously makes Club d’Elf a modern day William Blake.” – Jambands.com

Mike Rivard (electric and acoustic basses), Erik Kerr (drums), Jere Faison (sampler and dagomba drumming), Jerry Leake (tablas & percussion, dagomba drumming), Tom Hall (tenor sax), Brahim Fribgane (oud, doumbek and qaraqab), Kenwood Dennard (drums), Reeves Gabrels (guitar), Duke Levine (guitar), Ian Kennedy (guitar), Alain Mallet (keyboards), DJ Logic (turntables), Mat Maneri (electric violin), Joe Maneri (tenor sax, clarinet), DJ C (turntables), Eric Hipp (tenor sax), Tom Halter (trumpet), Dr. Didg (didgeridoo), Roberto Cassan (accordion), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone)

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