Disc 1
01 Alap
02 Scorpionic
03 Quilty
04 Bass Beatbox
05 Gravity All Nonsense Now Pt 1
06 Dr. Smile
07 Dreams Met (Yes)
08 Gravity All Nonsense Now Pt 2
09 Dreams Met (Yes) / Dr. Smile (Reprise)
10 Salvia Pt. 1

Disc 2
01 Salvia Pt 2
02 Big Light in Sky
03 The Tingler
04 Nam-Shub Pt 1
05 Nam-Shub Pt 2
06 Fire In The Brain
07 Fire Tangent
08 Fire In The Brain Reprise

(2005) This live 2-CD set recorded at Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge has the dual guitars of David Tronzo & David “Fuze” Fiuczynski meshing with the turntables of Mister Rourke & rhythm section of Mike Rivard and Erik Kerr, to create a sound which Time Out New York described as “…at its peaks conjuring Derek and the Dominoes floating on a cough syrup current.”

David Tronzo (slide guitar), David Fiuczynski (fretless and fretted guitars), Mister Rourke (turntables), Mike Rivard (acoustic and electric basses), Erik Kerr (drums)

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