Disc 1
01 Intro/Bass Beatbox
02 Sin Gas
03 Perhapsody
04 Life of the Mind
05 Amazigh Prelude
06 Berber Song
07 Goblin Garden
08 The Tingler
09 Hungry Ghosts

Disc 2
01 Cave Man
02 That is My Voice
03 Salvia Pt 1
04 Salvia Pt 2
05 Jar of Hair
06 Softly
07 Sand

(2007) Live 2-CD set featuring John Medeski, Duke Levine & David Tronzo, recorded at the release party for Now I Understand at Cambridge’s Lizard Lounge. Pristine, multi-track recording that sounds like it was
recorded in a studio. The album captures the intense energy that D’Elf brings to its live shows, which have become the stuff of legend, featuring telepathic improvisations adorning relentless grooves, played by musicians at the top of their craft.

John Medeski (keyboards), David Tronzo (slide & prepared guitars), Duke Levine (guitar & electric sitar), Mister Rourke (turntables), Mike Rivard (electric & acoustic basses, sintir), Erik Kerr (drums) w/Tom Hall (tenor sax), Tom Halter (trumpet)

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