Disc 1
01 Big Light In Sky
02 The Tingler
03 Sidi Rabi
04 Scorpionic

Disc 2
01 Stigmata
02 Jungle Adagio
03 Last Business
04 Challaban
05 Shadow’s Shift

(2003) Live 2-CD set recorded in the serene and lovely acoustic environs of the Chapel at Vassar College on 2/26/01 during the band’s first tour out of New England. AllAboutJazz said it “…serpentines between acoustic passages and electric ensemble crunches; King Crimson devotees would not blink at the lie that this is a newly discovered outtake from KC’s progressive acoustic-electric masterpiece Larks’ Tongues in Aspic.”

Mat Maneri (electric violin), Brahim Fribgane (oud, voice, percussion), John Medeski (keyboards), Randy Roos (guitar), Mike Rivard (basses), Erik Kerr (drums)