The Boston Phoenix
February 23, 2001
Pick of the Week: Club d’Elf

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Thursday, February 22: Bassist Mike Rivard (a/k/a Micro Vard) was ahead of the curve in anticipating that DJ culture and the neo-hippie funk/jam-band scene had more in common than they might’ve thought-for instance, an emphasis on long-form tactile/sensory excursions, spontaneous generation and combustion, and trance-like states of suspended animation. Those have been a few of the hallmarks of Rivard’s Club d’Elf, which consists of a rotating line-up of constantly innovative improvisers, DJs, and top-notch guests performing collaborative “live remixes of rehearsed grooves.” The group’s two-year residency at the Lizard Lounge has finally borne collective fruit, in the form of a double live CD, As Above: Live at the Lizard Lounge, recorded with guest including John Medeski (of Martin and Wood fame), Reeves Gabrels, and DJ Logic. To celebrate the disc’s release, the group embarks on a brief tour-with Medeski along-that kicks off tonight (February 22) at the Lizard Lounge, 1667 Mass. Ave. in Cambridge. Medeski and Rivard are joined by Mat & Joe Maneri, Duke Levine, and regulars Brahim Fribgane and Erik Kerr.

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