The JamBase Podcast Episode 13: Bruce Hornsby & Mike Rivard

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The JamBase Podcast Episode 13: Bruce Hornsby & Mike Rivard
By Team JamBase
May 31, 2018

While the number 13 is said to be unlucky, the axiom doesn’t hold true for The JamBase Podcast. Andy Kahn and Scott Bernstein serve as hosts for “The Rundown.” Club d’Elf leader Mike Rivard chats about his “Musical Mentors.”

The episode concludes with Mike “Micro” Rivard discussing his “Musical Mentors” backstage at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Rivard’s Club d’Elf project recently celebrated their 20th anniversary and Micro takes us through the origins of the collective, which features a rotating cast of collaborators. One of the musical mentors Rivard talks about is the late Mark Sandman, who was a big brother of sorts to Micro. Rivard also recounts his first meeting with longtime collaborator Brahim Fribgane and how Brahim helped teach Mike about Moroccan music. Additionally, he gives love to Hassan Hakmoun for his sintir tutelage. Finally, Rivard reveals what the future holds for Club d’Elf.

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